Blogging for yin-yang

Deciding to start a blog was a thought that popped into my mind in a casual discussion with a good friend.  I was inspired by the influences of my human network:

–      My life guru/earth mamma

–      Family

–      People who find me confusing or are not used to my ways

This yin-yang mash-up of people makes up my human connections.

My life guru started as a work guru as she mentored me as a new University graduate working as sole-charge in a rural area. As we got to know each other I began to think of my life as a mirror of hers. She worked the majority of her career part-time and has made it work!

My family and close friends understand and sometime I think expect my rebellion against society’s norms.

Lots of others ask lots of questions, or none at all. Most say that what I’m doing is something lots of people would want to do, but are unable to.

Blogging will hopefully help me explain to people how my life works, attempt to inspire others to do what they want, and chronicle my adventures.


what i’m doing and why

For work, I  am a permanent part time Occupational Therapist in Penticton, Beautiful British Columbia. I do not have kids. I love my life because I feel a superb balance between life, work, and my relationship. Did I mention I love the idea of part time everything?

After University I worked full time, until shortly after my 26th birthday. By then I was living in my dream city, with a car, a house, a boyfriend, everything was peachy.

I had been contemplating the meaning of life and decided that living with moderation as a motto would be important for my journey. An opportunity came up with a new job that was less than 20 hours a week and I snagged it. No one else applied. It was perfect.

Here are some reactions to my decision to cut my work time in half:

do you have an illness?

what about your pension contributions!?!?

are you depressed?

are you a hippie?

are you pregnant?

how will you afford to live?!?!

I wanted to change things up in life, wanted to find this work life balance I had heard about.

The thought of having so much free time was exciting. I started getting massages a few times a month. I was planning home renovations. I planned to do more yoga, sewing, knitting, and crocheting. I was thinking about volunteering at the recycling depot to see where exactly does my curb side recycling end up. I looked into to take free online courses, specifically Dino 101. I was ambitious….